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Work with us

One of the basic requirements for a good working IT company is the excellent know-how and the skills of its employees.
To ensure that this expertise can be fully used, it is important to us to provide a very good working atmosphere and working environment.
GRUBER WEBSERVICES offers you challenging, interesting and varied projects.
We are looking for committed and competent staff to work in the following areas :

Sales :

  • You have very good communicative skills and experience in sales from IT services ?
  • You like to provide advice and give support to customers and you know how to approach a potential customers ?
  • You have special negotiation and presentation skills ?

Web development/ Programming :

  • Do you describe yourself as a developer of Web Software, Web Shops and Web Sites ?
  • Some of your strenghts lie in the programming languages such as XHTML, CSS, JS || AJAX, PHP, MySQL || PostgreSQL ?
  • You have a basic working knowledge of Linux ?

Web design / Graphic design :

  • You have the perfect eye for aesthetics ?
  • Some of your skills are originality, creativity and ingenuity ?
  • You know what`s important for screen design and for internet graphic design ?

System administration :

  • You are very interested in working with Linux and you like shell-script programmming ?
  • To administer an existing GNU/LAMP-system or to implement a new one does not worry you ?
  • You are familiar with new and old hardware and know what`s important ?

Your personality could be described as follows ?

  • Warmth and the ability to pay attention to details you appreciate in yourself ?
  • You would describe yourself as an enthusiast in the area of information technology ?
  • You don´t shy away from further education ?
  • You prefer flexible working hours and the possibilty to work at home ?
  • You are a motivated and a creative character who likes to take on responsability ?

Please apply in writing (informal) to .
You can also send us an unsolicited application if none of the advertised positions matches your profile. If there are open vacancies at a later time we will include all unsolicited applications in our decision making process and will give preference to them !

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